Olympic Way, Wembley

Project Description


cHOROS was asked to prepare a design for the frontage of a new office development that faced the full length of Olympic Way Wembley. It was one of the first schemes cHOROS designed. The brief was to design an appropriate scheme for such a prestigious location and to accommodate a large quantity of car parking.

cHOROS rose to the challenge by designing a focus to the scheme that included a large central water feature and a framework of linear paths that served to connect the two ends of the development to the centre.

The challenge was to accommodate a large number of vehicles on the site whilst still trying to retain a semblance of an attractive landscape scheme appropriate to a such a prestigious location.

cHOROS achieved this by focusing the parking in very distinct areas. Similarly, areas of open space were enclosed by dense tree and shrub planting to help screen views and provide an attractive landscape setting. A independent network of paths helped separate the parking from the open space as they wound around or crossed through the parking areas and linked the quieter areas of open space where the building’s occupants could relax. The paths and open space were sheltered with hedges and shrub planting from the car parking and traffic on Olympic Way.