Bahrain South East Regional Development Study

Project Description

 Dar al Handasah
Work Abroad

cHOROS was commissioned by Dar al Handasah to work with other consultants on the Bahrain South East Coast Regional Development Study.

The scheme extended from the coast across a ridge escarpment and included central business districts, residential areas, town centre parks, coastal promenades, dramatic water features,and a fairground and coastal train. Work was carried out in consultation with the Al Areen Wildlife Park.

Other work for Dar al Handasah  included work in Jordan contributing to a landscape strategy for the Amman Comprehensive Development Plan. The Master Plan extended from the ‘v’ shape river valleys in the west, across central Amman to the desert in the east.

cHOROS prepared an EIA of Amman and the surrounding area, looking specifically at the landscape, soils and existing, proposed and long term development plans for the area. The work was carried out in consultation with Amman University, who were studying the potential use of water catchment areas to provide arable and pastoral husbandry.